The one and only EL PUNCHO DEL DIABLO.

El Puncho del Diablo is a seasoned superhero who now lives a rather dreary everyday life. In his glory days he was the best Lucha-Libre-Fighter in Mexico. Nowadays he lives in Germany and disappeared from the public eye, but he is still using his superpowers to make this world a better place. At least he is trying.

A camera team was able to accompany him for a day to see what has become of that hero.

He is the deadly fist of Mexico!

This is his story.

GLORY DAYS (1988) – The World´s best Lucha Libre Fighter


Hannelore and Don Pedro del Diablo

It was a lot of hard work to finish this project, but now it’s done. Thanks to all who supported this Film, espacially the actor @gerhardfehn, who brought El Puncho to life. He became a lovely friend of mine and without him this project could not have been done.



El Puncho del Diablo – Gerhard Fehn

Hannelore del Diablo – Ursula Michelis

Don Pedro del Diablo – Werner Vitalis

Terrorists – Dominik Meurer & Noah Chorny

Birte von der Heyde – Sophie Beckel

Boxclub-Owner – William Frank Müller

News presenter – Michael Creutz

The young El Puncho – Lukas Fichtner

El Punchito – Navid Ekren




Director Sascha Senicer

Camera – Sascha Senicer & Leyla Moradnezhad

Sound – Severin Decker

Sound Design and Music – Matthias Heine-Bohnes

Post Production Jannick Hauß

Editor – Lukas Müller

Pre-production, Production, Design – Lena Wolff

Pre-production, Production, Organization – Alayna Cort

Photos – Sascha Senicer

Thanks to

Carina Kötter / Denis Hadzalic / Lisa Behringer / Monika Wyzujak / Oliver Eckey / Petra vom Knobelbecher / Gabriele Feyen  / Guts & Glory / Martin Schneider / Tacos los Carnales / Cosita Bonita Köln / Torsten Drever / Bianca Hegen / Robin Lehnert / Martin von Hadel / Max Meyr / Martin von Hadel / Christoph Pinsdorf / Alexander Reinshagen / Judith Weiß / Thomas Seiler / Harald Sontowski / Cristina Pozo Vicente / Patric Albrecht / FernUniversität in Hagen / Katja Butt / Anselm Kreuzer